RC Trailers Car Hauler

Round Top Car Hauler

Options for everyone

Carrying cars can be both a delicate and a tough gig, but RC has you covered. The RSTCH and ARST series trailers feature customizable interiors for quick fixes and tool storage. Available in steel or aluminum, these trailers offer ultimate flexibility.

Combination Round Top Snowmobile & Car Hauler

Combination Round Top Snowmobile & Car Hauler

Two Trailers in One

Get right to the action, no matter what kind of gear you’re hauling. These durable options handle everything that car hauling requires, with the ease of access that snowmobiles demand. Securely stored for any voyage, your vehicles and toys are in the best hands with these trailers.

Open Car Hauler Tilt Loader

Open Car Hauler

Open Car Hauler

Getting your cars and bikes to a jobsite, across your property, or across the county or country does not always require Crown Series level protection. Our line of Car Hauler Open Trailers suit just about any potential low- to medium-size hauls. We partner with you to understand your needs and find the right Open Trailer for what you do.

Steel Vs. Aluminum

Explore the differences between steel and aluminum